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Quality Braces, Amazing Results

Although traditional metal braces are the most common and have been around for a long time, they still can produce predictable results and stellar smiles even in challenging cases. Although they may look traditional, Roth Orthodontics utilizes advanced, high quality metal braces that are slimmer and more comfortable. We also pair the latest technology in wires which allows for more effective movement of the teeth while limiting any discomfort historically associated with braces.

Clear Braces

Braces that Blend in!

At Roth Orthodontics, we aim to provide esthetic options for patients who are looking for appliances that blend in during treatment. One way we achieve this is through using the latest in ceramic braces. Our ceramic braces blend in naturally with your teeth, are highly resistant to staining or discoloration, and provide the same amazing results achievable with traditional metal braces. These clear braces even still allow for colors to be added to them, giving you flexibility to keep your braces barely noticeable.


Supreme Esthetics, Latest Technology

When it comes to blending in, clear aligners are the way to go! This treatment gives you the smile you’re looking for through wearing a series of custom-fitting aligners that gradually move the teeth into position. Unlike braces and wires, these clear aligners are removable which allows for easier brushing and flossing, and increased comfort while eating or drinking. The near invisible nature of these aligners makes them very popular with our adult patients. We use the latest in orthodontic technology!


In addition to braces and aligners, we specialize in many different orthodontic appliances. From retainers to palatal expanders, we have you covered!

Teeth Whitening

We offer several safe and effective solutions to remove stains and brighten up your smile!

A specialized team focused on creating the smile you’ve always desired!

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